I do what... I LOVE... what I do...

You deserve something special when it comes to photographer. I venture out into this field with a beginner mind. BEGINNER you say? Yes. Practice makes perfect but once we have established what works, we tend to replicate, reiterate and duplicate the success. My mind is a beginner mind, fresh and focus. I see the world through the eyes of a child. A child that is willing to explore all options and try all things that great photography has to offer. A single image may have a different meaning to each person but most of all I want your meaningful moments to last the life time.

Numerous times I have assisted my father with developing beautiful photographs. We spend hours in his darkroom watching my childhood memories appearing in front of our own eyes. After all those years, I still go back to the youthful images and every time I look at the black and white photographs my dad and I developed tear slips on my cheek and my heart melts. I want you to have the same experience with your memories and I will serve it to you on a silver platter, literally. Those are your tear dropping and heart melting recollections. Enjoy it.